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Okie Outdoor Services  Irrigation

Custom Irrigation System

Irrigation and drainage Install/repair is essential for turf, trees, and overall landscape health, water plays a crucial role.

An irrigation system eliminates the uncertainty of watering and lets you leave your home carefree.


Whether it's installation or repair, our team of skilled professionals ensures the job is done correctly the first time!

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Drainage Benefits:

The primary purpose of a French drain is to manage excess water and prevent waterlogging in your yard. It efficiently directs water away from the foundation of your home or low-lying areas, preventing issues like flooding and water damage.

  • Prevention of Erosion: 

  • Protection of Foundations

  • Improved Soil Aeration

  • Prevention of Standing Water

  • Preservation of Landscaping

  • Prevents Soil Saturation

  • Minimizes Property Damage

Okie Outdoor French Drain _edited_edited.jpg
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